Brief introduction to Concord Medical Center

Concord Medical Center is one of the VIP centers at Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, and was founded in 1996, when overseas high-end hospital management model was firstly introduced to China. The center provides efficient and high standard outpatient and hospitalization services for elites, entrepreneurs, foreigners and so on. The Center has been committed to providing excellent services, striving to provide our guests with a variety of exceptional healthcare services, ranging from professional physical examination, integrated medical treatment with special and general care, to disease prevention with both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Lifelong health management service is promised after discharge.

Concord Medical Center has three parts - Concord Medical Clinic and the First and Second Inpatient Department. Concord Medical Center is staffed by a professional medical team, comprising one director and doctoral supervisor, two chief doctors, two associate chief doctors and nine attending doctors, 10 residents, 20 nurse supervisors and more than 60 nurses. The Center provides medical diagnosis and treatment as well as physical examinations with more than 500 experts who are famous at home and abroad. We have received many visits and transfers from representatives of medical or insurance companies from various countries and consuls of consulates in Guangzhou. We have plenty of experiences in treating foreign patients from more than 50 countries and regions.

In addition, the Center is dedicated to providing quality care in a private and comfortable environment. The department provides a completely hotel-style service, including wireless internet access, unique rooftop garden for patient’s rehabilitation and three types of rooms (8 suite rooms, 35 single rooms, 5 double rooms)with a total number of 53 beds. LCD screen-based monitoring system is installed in every room to ensure privacy and barrier-free communication

Tel: 020 83874283 87374289-8991 (Doctor’s Office).

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    (+8620) 83874283

    (+8620) 87374289-8991
    (Doctor’s Office)

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    9th floor of the Dr. Y. T. Fok Heart Center and 8th to 10th floors of the Administration Building, 96 Dong Chuan Lu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC.