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Shi-Bin Wang/Director of Public Health Division

Name :Shi-Bin Wang

Title :

Director of Public Health Division


Epidemiology and Bio-statistics, Preventive Medicine

Clinical Interests:

Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, especially in sleep disorders, mood disorders and severe mental disorders.


His areas of research expertise include: social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, especially in sleep disorders, mood disorders and severe mental disorders. From 2015 to 2017, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau. At present, he is in charge of 5 projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Medical Research Fund of Guangdong Province, Science and Technology Program of Guangzhou City, and Science and Technology Special Fund of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, etc. He has also participated in 8 national and provincial research projects.


1.2010.09-2015.07: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Public Health, Jilin University. Comprehensive examinations in the areas of Epidemiological Theory, Chronic Disease, Clinical Epidemiology and Molecular Genetic Epidemiology. Thesis in the area of Chronic Disease Spectrum.

2.2013.08-2014.09: Joint Training Doctoral Scholar, School of Medicine and School of Public Health University of Saskatchewan, Canada

3.2005.09-2010.07: Bachelor of Medicine (Preventive Medicine), School of Public Health, Jilin University

Awards and Honors:

Outstanding Member of Communist Party (2020, 2021)

Professional memberships:

1.Deputy secretary general of the Mental Health Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Association

2.Member of the Computational Psychiatric Committee of the Psychiatrist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association

3.Member of the Mental Health Management Professional Committee of the Guangdong Hospital Association

4.Member of the Public Health Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association.


In recent 5 years, he has published 66 research papers, 55 of which were indexed by SCI. Publication Link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Shi_Bin_Wang

Featured research as follows:

1.Yingying Su#, Shi-Bin Wang#, Huirong Zheng, Wen-Yan Tan, Xueli Li, Zhuo-Hui Huang, Cai-Lan Hou, Fu-Jun Jia*. The role of anxiety and depression in the relationship between physical activity and sleep quality: a serial multiple mediation model [J]. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2021, 290:219-226.

2.Xie Chen#, Shi-Bin Wang#, Xue-Li Li, Zhuo-Hui Huang, Wen-Yan Tan, Hai-Cheng Lin, Cai-Lan Hou, Fu-Jun Jia. Relationship between Sleep Duration and Sociodemographic Characteristics, Mental Health and Chronic Diseases in Individuals Aged from 18 to 85 Years Old in Guangdong Province in China: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study [J]. BMC Psychiatry. 2020, 20 (1): 455.

3.Cai-Lan Hou#, Shi-Bin Wang#, Fei Wang, Ming-Zhi Xu, Miao-Yang Chen, Mei-Ying Cai, Yao-Nan Xiao, Fu-Jun Jia. Psychotropic medication treatment patterns in community-dwelling schizophrenia in China: comparisons between rural and urban areas [J]. BMC Psychiatry. 2019, 19(1)

4.Shi-Bin Wang#, Yuan-Yuan Wang#, Qing-E Zhang#, Shuo-Lin Wu#, Chee Ng, Gabor Ungvari, Liang Chen, Chun-Xue Wang, Fu-Jun Jia, Yu-Tao Xiang. Cognitive behavioral therapy for post-stroke depression: A meta-analysis [J]. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2018 Aug; 235:589-596.

5.Shi-Bin Wang, Yanhua Wu, Gabor Ungvari, Chee Ng, Brent P Forester, Jennifer Gatchel, Helen F.K. Chiu, Changgui Kou, Yingli Fu, Yue Qi, Yaqin Yu, Bo Li, Yu-Tao Xiang. Sleep duration and its association with demographics, lifestyle factors, poor mental health and chronic diseases in older Chinese adults [J]. Psychiatry research. 2017 Nov;257:212-218.